Three Breasts!

Up until now, the only reason this website has the tag "three breasts" was for Total Recall - but now - supposedly - there's the real thing. Jasmine Tridevil has undergone cosmetic surgery to put a breast implant directly centered on her sternum -- with a small "nipple" bump added, and an areola tattooed for added realism. Here she is answering questions, and apparently her objective was to make herself unattractive but still pretty, but getting fat would suck. Never heard of chubby chasers, baby? Anyhoo, the most likely reason is that she wants a TV show according to the Daily Mail, and has a camera crew following her around to film a pilot documenting the trials and tribulations of being a three-breasted woman. This is just what the three-breasted TV audience has been praying for these so many years. Seeing that she literally appeared out of nowhere only about a month ago according to Facebook and Youtube, but already has a TV crew of her very own, I'm leaning towards 'hoax' and 'viral video', or some gray area in between, and Snopes appears to agree with me. If the supernumerary titty turns out to be real, well, now that's something that aughta be on TV.

Via, her website.

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