Free Boobs For Kids!

Companies like giving added-value freebies to their good customers; it produces an affinity for their brand and makes customers feel appreciated. So, when Land's End partnered with Conde Nash to give free magazine subscriptions to their customers, it seemed like a good idea.

So, female customers got women's magazines, and male customers got men's magazines. Magazines like GQ, which often are full of scantily-clad non-nude women.

What Land's End forgot is that many of their customers are high-school students who buy their school uniforms in bulk from Land's End.

Now, as you may imagine, the kind of parents who send their kids to a school where uniforms come from Land's End had a holy hell freakout when their post-pubescent teen boys started getting GQ in the mail.

Wait, is Adam Levine a douche? I have been missing out on all the news lately.

Anyhow, Land's End apologized profusely, so teens are going to have to get their non-nude masturbatory magazines by 'borrowing' the free subscription to Glamour that their sister is still receiving because she had the sense to keep her fucking mouth shut.


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