2 Minutes Or Less!

Kinsey said 3/4 of men ejaculate within two minutes, but this guy says it's only about 45%, while most women need 5 - 7 minutes to really get going. While this doesn't necessarily mean that premature ejaculation is in play it still means that there's in incongruity between the two halves regarding how long sex should last.

As the article above said, going too long isn't that great, either: vaginas aren't designed for marathon pounding, so don't think that longer is better either.

So, the goal is that 5 to 7 minute range -- and it's about control, not 'on' or 'off'. Here's some things to try:

Kegels: Men have them too - and, like women, they have an important part in sex. It's easy, and you can make a game of it - simply flex your muscles down there while peeing to try and stop the stream. See how long you can do it (I mean, don't close it off then go back to work, that's crazy), but being able to manipulate your kegels can help slow things down.

Condoms: They reduce sensitivity a bit, and that bit may be enough to last long enough. Plus, it makes post-sex cleanup a lot easier. And don't buy the cheap ones at Walgreens; invest in some nice ones online.

Positions: Positions where your back muscles are holding you up can delay orgasm a bit; try standing, doggy, or on her side. Also, put her on top and in control; not thrusting may delay things as well.

More foreplay: If you simply can't get past two minutes, get her riled up first: mouth, tongue, and toys are all good ways to rev her engine before you take the plunge.

Orgasm denial: simply stop and take a break when the orgasm starts to rise. This may be a bit frustrating, especially for her since she's trying to come too, but make it part of the game and it might be more fun than you think.

Desensitizing creams: They even make condoms with this built-in, but I'd discourage these unless you've got no other option. You don't have control over how strong they are or how long they last, and if you get it inside her she might not appreciate the desensitization, so experiment with them first before making it part of the main course.

Of course, if you can only last seconds, talk to your doctor, there may be more of an issue than a lack of simultaneous orgasms. Plus, talk to your partner, and make this a cooperative event - like sex is supposed to be.

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