Kiiroo Teledildonics!

Kiiroo is a social network for sex toys -- if you own the male-oriented "SVir" or the female "OPue", you register the device with Kiiroo, which then lets other people control your device for teledildonic pleasure. As a social network, I expect things to go this way: first, there's not much adoption so not many people go there. Then, it reaches a tipping point where it becomes awesome because everyone you want to be there is hanging out. Finally, it reaches the climax, and you spend all your time with a rubber vagina strapped to your crotch while you spend your time clearing your inbox from Candy Crush Saga requests, messages from spammers, and fifty posts of meme graphics taken from last week's Reddit. I can already sit at my desk with a rubber vagina strapped to my cock, it's just a matter of timing to get Kiiroo just right.


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