Rugby Boobs!

Rugby, called "football" here in the States, is apparently a big thing in the U.K., for both men and women. While the men generally look like Orcs from The Hobbit, women players run the gambit from OMG to OMG. Here's the Oxford University women's rugby team, selling their 2014 calendar:

And here's the Camp Hill women's rugby team selling their own calendar:

If you read those associated articles, the Oxford one is complimentary, while they call the Camp Hill one "cringe-worthy". Fuck you, UK newspapers: Of course the hoidy-toidy Hogwarts-quality students at Oxford are going to be gorgeous women; they've got Stephen Hawking to use magic to prevent them from breaking nails and mussing up their hair. The Camp Hill women, on the other hand, look like they actually fucking play rugby.

One last point of order, though: you know what else Oxford has? Money for professional photographers and makeup. If Camp Hill had found somebody to take pictures other than some bloke with a camera-phone, they'd probably look much better, too. Buy the Oxford one here, the Camp Hill one here.

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