Bucket List!

Ah, Mommy Blogs, some of the most frustratingly arousing websites out there. So adventurous and naiive at the same time, like dating the Amish. Here's a bucket-list from one of them -- remember, this is a "difficult things to do before you die" list -- but it, really, sounds like a fun weekend to-do list. "Masturbate"? "Married sex"? If you make it to your deathbed without having done either of those, then you've really, really tried hard to avoid them. All I can hope is that one of those Mommybloggers crosses off all 50 by the time she's 24, and then starts really thinking about the unobtainable sexual pleasure she's really missing out on, and then things will get interesting. Like a bucket list entry that actually requires a bucket to accomplish.

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