Porn At Work!

Some website called 'qumu' (who are apparently scraping the bottom of the barrel for 4-letter .com domains) did a survey of the types of video people watch at work. Now, first of all, if you have enough time to watch video at work, you need to get the fuck back to work you lazy shit and stop watching videos at your desk. Anyhow, Qumu found that it's not just cat videos or Tina Fey's nip-slip: they found that three percent of workers watch porn at their desk. That's one out of every thirty - which makes me wonder what businesses don't have some sort of NetNanny installed on their network. And what fun is watching porn without masturbating? Now you're stuck with a stiffy and you need to answer the phone because Dale in accounting has a question about your expense reports. There's no better way to make your afternoon unhappy than to experience this scenario, and I speak from experience. Wait till you get home to watch porn, work at work, and everything will go much smoother for you.

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