Hitachi Magic Wand!

The Hitachi Magic Wand has been the Cadillac of vibrating sex toys for decades, and there's some news about the toy: first, The 2013 Sex Awards has given the Hitachi their "Favorite Sex Toy for Women" award. Duh-freakin'-DUH. But, what I learned from this is that Hitachi is no longer making this epic piece of mankind's innovative spirit. It is now made by a company called Vibratex, and it's just called The Magic Wand and it sounds like they're going to make some improvements. I'm not sure they realize that a lot of women just call it their "Hitachi", and by dropping that from the name they give it the more ungainly part of the name. Eh, I doubt it's going to stop anyone from using it: most women would chose the Hitachi -- sorry -- Magic Wand over their lover if given a chance, and without the slightest hint of ironic or self-deprecating laugh. They take their Hitachi seriously.

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