Carrot Dating!

There's a new online dating app out there, and it's called Carrot Dating. It's Suggar-Daddy-Lite, giving women gifts to get "things" in return, which amounts to bribery at its base and prostitution at its awesomest level. Yet again, the media comes out waving the banner of "we must protect our women from being taken advantage of!" but what they seem to miss is that nearly everyone (except some really stupid women) know exactly what they're doing when they participate in this website. They act like Carrot Dating randomly forces wholesome, virginal women to respond to these horrible dating inquiries. Any woman who gets so far into membership at Carrot Dating before she realizes how it works is probably only barely capable of using a mouse in the first place, so there's more to worry about her than online dating and this is the only electronic carrot she should be following.

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