ValMidwest Loves Jesus!

Online porn gal ValMidwest gained a very specific set of followers when she started her adult business: her ex-classmates at Catholic school. Now, I'd totally expect Catholic students to pay through the nose to watch porn and feel bad afterwards, but all they really wanted to do was bully Val into feeling bad about herself.

Seriously, Christians -- is that how you live your lives? Judging others and being dicks about it? So, Val responded by being unChristian herself, and tresspassed at her old school to do naughty things to a crucifix. Of course, the so-called Christians didn't like that, but at least they're being more Christian about it by just praying instead. You do that, Jesus jerkoffs, and in the future just pray for people's souls instead of harrassing them. The world will be a better place, and wouldn't Jesus want that?


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