OK, I must either be blocking out the stupidity, or this has finally gotten mainstream enough. Apparently, "Throuples" are where three people date and maybe fuck. For those of us over 22, this was called "stupid college relationships", because when you're twenty and horny you can't help but either fuck a friend's girlfriend, or a friend's boyfriend, or a girlfriend's friend. Eventually, somebody gets pissed, even if it feels naughty and alternative at the time. The Throuple apparently gives the "winner" in the threesome an excuse when one of the others feels left out - because, hey, you knew it was a throuple when we got together, baby. Now, I'm putting this in a different category than polyamory, like everyone else does, because poly relationships don't have a stupid name and have some weight behind it. Throuples are people messing around with more than one person at a time, and that's just juvenile fun. Once you've found a unicorn, then come back and talk about your poly relationship.

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