Shitty Glasses!

OK, people, this is why the fashion world needs to step back and ask themselves: am I producing weird for weird's sake, or am I producing something of value? If you're talking about the glasses below, you're fucking with a functional and attractive piece of fashion and making it impractical and shitty. Quasi-blinders, really, Ketevane Maissaia? Encouraging people to strap something on that not only interferes with peripheral vision, but juts forward to make sure it's always interfering with peripheral vision. Oh, and just in case the distraction wasn't enough, let's add parts that brush against your cheek all the time and chafe because people's ears move when they talk. It's like he designed something without looking at how people use fashion - but, hell, that's par for the course with haute couture shit like this. Who gives a fuck if anybody wants to look like a moron, its rare and unique and expensive, so it must be good. OK, fashion designers are only part of the problem: anyone who'd actually buy and wear a piece of shit like these glasses is equally culpable. Assholes, all of them.

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