Garmin Busey!

I have Garmin talking turn-by-turn navigation on my phone, which is handy from time to time, but I'll be the last person to wish it talked more or sounded different. People who wish their navigation box be more forthcoming can download Navtones - the premier edition of which, I'm sure, is FUCKING GARY BUSEY. Seriously, click the sound sample on the Navtones webpage. He honks like a goose. The audio navigation was designed to avoid the distration of trying to read something on a tiny screen while driving, and they hired Gary Busey to completely undo that feature. If you were to download the sounds and put them on 'shuffle', it would be indistinguishable from inviting the real Busey to your party. "Turn Left, and don't pet the lions!" "BOING BOING CALCULATING NEW ROUTE, MAN, HEED MY WORDS NEXT TIME." Hopefully Navtones deleted all the samples of him just making "ABLOOGBAAANNNALALALA" noises. On second though, I hope those are included. There are days that I hope my drive from home to the Blockbuster Video consists of an uninterrupted constant stream of Gary Busey noise. It'll help me practice my zen koans. Via.

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