Dot-XXX Rethinking!

Initially, I was thinking an .xxx domain name would be pretty cool, and then this week it was approved by ICANN. What I hadn't thought of, however, was the 'scarlet letter' aspect of it all. My .com address puts my sexy sex stuff in the same universe as Toyota and Amazon and the Republican Party, and an exile to the XXX domain pretty much admits I'm not of the same calibre as regular internet sites. Plus, then where does policing start - if I have adult content, will I be required to have an .xxx? Will DNS servers stop querying the TLD XXX server as a form of censorship? And, of course, when I actually get around to getting an .xxx domain, all the good ones will be taken already anyways. I think I'll stay right here in dot-com land, and the XXX can be for the companies who'd rather they stayed in their own little world.

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