Unsexy America!

Newsweek has put together an informative graphic of just where the US sits when it comes to sex. Or, rather, it's a chart of "Fuck, I Need To Move To Brazil." Let's not put the cart before the horse, here though: blaming pornography has been quite a cottage industry lately, but Newsweek's mention of the amount of sex in our media as being indicative of US sexuality is kinda suspect: the problem isn't that it's there, but that it embodies our problems with sex in general. Girls Gone Wild and Jersey Shore are slumming it: they get to show more sex because they're so unlikeable. We get to parake in the sexual enjoyment, but feel satisfied that it's so unpalatable. It's like religious sex scandals, horror movies where the sexually promiscuous get killed first, and the raw unpleasantness of Hustler pictorals. We get to enjoy thinking about sex, and then feel vindicated by tut-tutting the horribleness of it. The moral hangups of the US are demonstrated by our porn, not caused by it.

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