Abortions: Open And Cooperative!

Some awesome new statistics are out there about who's getting abortions: 88% of the women who have an abortion were married or in a relationship when conception happened. The study's main point is that, regardless of the relationship status, the majority of the men knew about the abortion and were accepting or supportive. Not that it'll matter to the assholes who want you to think the only people getting abortions are poor, single, slutty women with no other options, and those trollops are taking away the man's right to choose to raise the child by cruelly aborting without his input. The truth is that abortions are had by the core of our society, and men and women alike are OK with it when it happens to them. The more people act like only some outlying group of sinners get abortions, the more likely your rights are going to get taken away.

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