Jeggings On Men!

This fucking explains everything you need to know about guys wearing jeggings: "All the guys here wear jeggings," chirped a helpful American Eagle saleslady. "My gay friends wear them with their Uggs." What you've got here is what happens when you let a Esquire writer try the most unholiest fashion faux-pas and then photograph him doing it. Jesus christ, look at it for yourself:

Yeah, ladies, that's a guy who not only doesn't fit his jeans, but wears blue-bumblebee-striped sweaters out in public.

So, here's the thing, if you didn't figure it out yet: skin tight clothes suck. They fit you funny, they don't protect you from the elements, and they're what fashion-retarted gay men wear with Uggs. If a fashion-retarded gay man is wearing them, just how fashion-retarded are you gonna look, Mr. Boob Afficianado? Seriously, if Conan fucking O'Brien thinks you're funny looking, you're bottom-of-the-barrel, Mr. Meggings. Here, go buy some Dickies with a socially-conscious charity involved, and give up on that jeggings bullshit.

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