Weekend's here, the holidays are finally fucking over, and now I'm sure you're ready to relax and use the ongoing cold as an excuse to fuck and cuddle. So, the news is in that K-Y Intense actually works (nipples too), and I've got one to give away.
In order to enter to win this 10mL bottle of K-Y Intense arousal gel for her, I want to know the answer to this question: Do you stash porn on your computer, or do you maintain a virginal hard drive and get it off the internet when you want it? Sure, there's a certain convenience (and hard drive space is cheap these days) to saving the good stuff in an accessible place, but with the constant stream of new stuff and the risk of being caught with four gigs of boobs there's no reason to download anymore. So, let's hear from you: stash or don't stash? Pick one of three ways to enter:
  • Either post your response here;
  • or Twitter it; you have to in order for me to know you entered;
  • or Email me your entry.
Disclaimers: no monetary value, one vote per entrant, entries limited to people in the United States, don't be an asshole. That last disclaimer applies to pretty much everything at this site. Cut off is the end of the day, Monday, January 11th, 2010, but I may continue to take entries if there aren't enough by that time to pick a winner.Update: I'm going to take entries for the rest of the week. New end of contest deadline - end of the day Friday, January 15.

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