1990s Bands!

Today must be bullshit list day - most of the music I listen to is 90s music, which is now, like 15-20 years old. There's kids graduating highschool that are older than the CDs in my truck. Anyhow, here's 19 of the best 90s bands nobody remembers anymore. Well, except for old losers like me. All are pretty much right on, although 311 sucks, MC Hammer sucks (he's 90s?), Counting Crows kinda sucks, but the rest are pretty spot on. I picked up a House of Pain tape cassette at a rummage sale last summer, and it's one of my favorite things in the world these days. That sentence right there is why I didn't read the article ironically, like the hipsters who were looking for something 'new' to glom on to.

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