No Fornication!

In district 66 - a big-city, liberal-ass, Hamline-college-including district - here in Minnesota, the state senator is pushing her agenda: she wants to repeal a law that makes it illegal for women to have sex outside of marriage or to cheat on a husband. Those damn big-city Minnesotans and their progressive ways, promoting freedom for her constituents! Didn't she just see the statistics that how much harm premarital sex causes to Minnesota teens? Note that the law only focuses on women's sexuality, as an archaic relic of territory days, but what's good for 1840s Minnesota is good for 2010s Minnesota, so within a few hours all running water, sewage treatment, and electricity will be turned off for everybody except District 66 - but at least their women won't be having sex without permission from the church. Equality of the sexes is the goal of the presumably progressive, liberal Minnesota Family Council, who wants to push their policy of equality and fairness by adding men to the law. That sort of equality won't stand with the public: conservatives won't abide by men being controlled by morality laws; that's unheard of! So, at least given the Minnesota Family Council's obvious bid to get the law repealed, I'm sure the stupid morality law will go, and I can finally start fucking Gracie without pulling the drapes - we've been living in sin for 3 or 4 years, and any day now the cops are going to show up if this law stays on the books.

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