Jeans Better Than Sex!

According to a new survey, a third of women fantasize about fitting into their sexy jeans more than getting fucked by George Clooney. Granted, the study was done by Special K, whose business model has a little more to do with being fat than banging Clooney, so the results might be a little skewed. Real honest-to-god science, however, is done by testing both outcomes, alongside a placebo -- so you need a test group that gets to fit in their jeans, a test group that gets to fuck George Clooney, and a placebo group that gets neither (or gets a poor replacement, like ill-fitting jeans and the chance to fuck Shadoe Stevens) and then see which the women like more. I'm-a thinking the Clooney cock will win out in the end (I'm sure Clooney would think so, too), but in the imaginations of SpecialK-eating women who answer surveys, those jeans have a leg up.

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