Gay Destroys Innocence!

People have drawn the line: teachers, don't you dare talk about loving relationships with your students! A teacher mentioned to her class that she was going to marry her lesbian partner, and thus stripped the innocence of every first-grade victim in the room. The act of sexual copulation is the complainers' argument, because sex shouldn't be taught until the Fifth Grade, because that's when kids ask about how babies are made(?!?) However, lesbians can't make babies with their sexual rubbing, so I don't see what the problem is; however, daddy putting his throbbing cock into mommy's cunt does, so the only option appears to be that men are to be forced to live apart from their wives until kids reach the fifth grade, at which time their marriage can be admitted to the world without stripping the innocence away from their children. The heterosexual sex implied by heterosexual marriage is, in fact, far more damaging than the homosexual sex implied by homosexual marriage, and, really - the implications of admitting your sexuality by marrying somebody is the most damaging social flaw we have today. Won't somebody please think of the children and end the perversion of marriage before it destroys any more innocence?

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