Tiny Dick Support Group!

If you're one of those guys who are less than endowed, I implore you - do not go to the tiny penis message boards. Penis length is 90% subjective, so self-identifying yourself as a negative is like going over an posting complaints at "The Message Board for Stupid, Ugly, and Rude People". Sure, there's lots of stupid, ugly, and rude people in the world, but the ones that identify with that idea are bigger losers than anybody else in the world. I may be biased, though: I'm hung like a fucking bull moose, so getting high-fives isn't difficult for me. On the other hand - RedBloodedThing.com totally welcomes men who think they've got small dicks: I can pretty much guarantee that your dick is nowhere near as small as you think it is, and the only time women care is when they want to use you as a toy. Don't be a toy, don't be a self-criticising jerk, and you'll have no problem finding a babe who'll ride that cock until you're both too chafed to care.

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