Sex Doesn't Sell!

According to Canada - and who listens to Canada, really? - a study of box-office numbers shows that sex doesn't result in higher box-office returns. Too much sex and it reduces returns, but that's due to the ratings boards assigning an NC17 versus an R than outright viewer choice. "Independent Vancouver-based researcher Anemone Cerridwen" wonders why there's sex in films at all - but I can say from first-hand experience that there's a lot of shitty, shitty films out there that have made more money because of boobs. Hell, most of the movies I watched during the eighties were because of the chance to see boobs. The only reason a lot of guys watched Fast Times at Rigemont High - a chick flick at its core - is to see Phoebe Cate's tits. Jesus christ, why else would anybody have voluntarily watched Doc Hollywood if not for the gratuitous nudity? The Mr Skin guys are fucking rich because of sex and nudity in films, but I guess it's hard for Canada to understand - so God Bless America!

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