Reply All Sucks

Internet romances aren't a bad thing, and - as Gracie can attest - turn into good things in the end. However, as two Cornell employees have found out, there's a few things that can go wrong with an internet romance, making it more trouble than it's worth:
  1. doing it with coworkers;
  2. doing it with married coworkers;
  3. doing it via your work email;
  4. accidentally sending it to the 'forward to all' address to everybody who knows where you work, who you work with, who you're married to, and who now knows just how productive you really are.
Lastly, if this is how cyber sex sounds when it's done, remind me never to go look at my own email history. I would not be surprised if I'd actually used the phrase "Tickled and licked and orgasmed to death!!!" in my own dalliances.

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