Families to Avoid!

Why am I talking about thanksgiving? Because I missed Halloween and the awesome sexy costumes, and I'm spending today wanking in front of the computer, so you get blog posts about today instead. Anyhow, I'm avoiding my family, because they're only fun individually - put them in a room together and it's Advil and crying for everyone. As it should be, if I compare others' stories we're in the middle of the bell curve. TV is, of course, the best reference for how real life works, and Nerve has a list of the family types to avoid. Sure, they're crazy made-up-for-TV families - I mean, come on, eight babies and they haven't killed each other? - but use them at your discretion. By doing like me: watching every one of the families Nerve lists on the Tivo or Hulu and skip the family fun altogether.

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