Steal Guy Clothes!

Ladies, you need to understand: when you wear guy clothes, is makes us hard. Very. The Frisky has a handy list of your boyfriend's clothes that you should steal and wear yourself. My interpretation: Jean Jacket: hot. Button-down work shirt: holy fucking shit that's hot. Plaid shirt: quite hot. The Boyfriend Jacket: Eh, just kinda hot. Sweatshirt: very hot. Old-Man Cardigan: Sorta h--wait, why are you dating a guy who wears an old-man cardigan? Does he have grandkids he loves to talk about? The one thing I'd like to add to their list, which has to be the hottest fucking thing known to man, is a woman wearing those waffle-fabric long underwear, underneath a pair of men's suspender overalls. I'm rock hard just thinking about it. Another note on, in particular, wearing your boyfriend's cardigan or blazer: in wearing either a conservative cardigan or a men's sport-coat, neither of which were cut for your frame, you run the risk of being mistaken for a theatre major or fashion-marketing major. Apply at your own risk.

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