Shorter, Plumper, Fertile-r!

Finally, proof that society is coming to its senses: the woman of the future will be shorter, curvier, and more fertile than the tall, thin woman of today. 'Thank god' is my response - I'll admit, even a lot of the women I post here are too thin for my tastes - curvy, but not obese, is my pleasure. The fertile thing, eh, not so much, but that usually has a positive effect on the libido. The article says it's hard to tell if the change is cultural or biological, but my amateur scientific analysis is: if we're doing so much to defeat reproduction, the more fertile women are going to be the ones who reproduce, the women who get pregnant on the pill or whose body defeats the rhythm method in its inconsistency, thus producing more sexy, fertile women whose bodies are going to defeat contraceptives, too.

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