Restless Vagina Syndrome!

Big Pharma has got men worried about their dick's abilities and makes a ton of money from viagra and enzyte, but now they've got their sights on women: If only they can make women feel bad about sex, they'll make billions! Jesus Christ, now there's going to be spam for women who think their vagina is inefficient? I'm going to have to stop using email all together. If you think this is all an imaginary concern, just look at what's on commercials now: you can get a prescription from your doctor because your fucking eyelashes aren't good enough. And penis concerns were the first thing studied? If Big Pharma had actually ever known a woman, they'd know that with cruel TV commercials they'd have women downing a bowlful of meds daily to control every damn tiny aspect of their life which can be scrutinized. Has anybody ever thought about encouraging men to compliment women once in a while? If they could package that in a pill, they'd fucking end the war of the sexes in an instant.

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