PP Sex Ed!

Finally, somebody who knows what they're talking about: Planned Parenthood is teaching sex ed in Cleveland. I can't think of a more appropriate group to make sure the youth of today don't ever, ever become the tight-assed, sexually-repressed, fear-of-intimacy assholes that are protesting PP's involvement in sex ed. "But...liberal brainwashing!" Dude, your incorrect, invalid conservative sex ed is fucking up kids more than anything else - right wingers are doing the brainwashing by trying to teach kids that sex is something that it's not. I fucked women when I was a teenager; a quick poll of conservatives would probably show a high percentage, too. Teach the kids how it's done so they make the right decisions, and they won't regret their horrible sexual experiences like you do, Mr. Right Wing Virginity-Hypocrite.

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