Pornography Awareness Week!

Welcome to Pornography Awareness Week! All I know is about the title, so my guess is you've come to this website for the first time, to make yourself aware to what the world of pornography has to offer. You can start wi-oh, wait a fucking second right here. Pornography Awareness Week is a conservative evangelical movement to point out perceived problems with porn. The want to make sure you know that "the average age that children first come into contact with pornographic material is 9 years old.", which means every god-damned person in charge of Pornography Awareness Week - and all Christians, due to their majority status in the US - saw pornography in their formative years and obviously are too emotionally damaged to be listened to. I mean, just look at the numbers, people: they're not averaging criminals or atheists. The average age of everybody is 9, including that nice bus driver who takes your kids to school, the english teacher who sings in the church choir, the school's police officer - they all viewed porn around the age of nine, on average. Their pornography experiences have damaged them to the point that they are irrational and unable to properly deal with their urges, so let's just not pay them any attention. Me: my first pornographic experience was around age 12, at a friend's house, looking through some 1970s Penthouses he had gotten/stolen from an older cousin, who it sounded like had gotten/stolen them from some other relative. Shortly thereafter I found my parent's porn stash. Just because I was older than nine doesn't mean I was affected any less - I'm just as fucked up as the 'porn awareness' people, so you better fucking run for the hills.

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