Masturbation = Fired!

A newspaper editor took a racy step and published an anonymous article about mutual masturbation, one of the finest pasttimes that ever chafed a loving couple. Uh oh: she has resigned due to her frank acceptance of diddling your loved ones. To think a Hearst Corporation newspaper would even approve - well, fuck, it's some shitty college newspaper, and the column in question was written by an anonymous writer named "Lux." They're lucky anybody even reads their paper for something other than sports photos and the classified ads. Still, however, people have pretty much come to expect that a college student, devoid of sexual experience beyond fumbling clumsily in bed, is going to write a sex column with all the fervor and authority of an expert in human sexuality, so they better find a nice replacement, vetted and approved by the powers-that-be, somebody that'll write about sex without getting all sexual about things, that's gross. (Via)

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