Marge Simpson: Sinner!

It's been all over the news: Marge Simpson is nude on the new Playboy. Yawn. You know who's not yawning over it? Christians. Christians are all up in arms over a cartoon being naked. They're demanding 7-11 stop carrying Playboy - wait, huh? - 7-11s don't carry Playboy, unless some manager orders it anyway? That's no excuse! Won't somebody think of the children, who see a cartoon and have no clue what a Playboy is?!!? Fuck you, asshole: boys stopping in for a Slurpee want that Playboy because there's dog-damned mother-loving tits inside. And, I mean, it's a sacrilege to portray a wholesome, kid-friendly cartoon-oh, yeah: Marge spent most of one episode of The Simpsons naked, running through town, trying to avoid being seen by strangers and children, because she was trying to fuck her husband in a public place, where they risked being caught - and in another, flashes her implant-enhanced breasts at a group of strangers. Hallelujah - show The Simpsons in kindergartens, the Christian Right is protecting them from being sullied by evil hedonists!

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