Johns Subculture!

Police have caught on to the fact that online communities feed and support "johns" and their hobbies - and they're surprised, oh no, that soliciting prostitutes isn't an independent, solo act of a lonely, dangerous man. Let's read our history book, shall we, police? For thousands of years, if you wanted to buy sex, you went to a brothel of one sort or another, whether it's as organized as the Romans or as disorganized as a medieval pub. There was no "he's a lonely pervert wandering the streets alone" - brothels were a fucking party (in more ways than one, so to speak). Shutting down the American brothels forced prostitution to go solo and isolated (and some might argue made it more dangerous for everyone). The current bar and stripclub scene are the continuation of the "first floor of the brothel"; that it totally how guys, from ancient greeks to straightlaced victorians, like to find women and fuck 'em, and the brothel made things convenient. Look at the brothels in Nevada and Europe: the front end is a bar where everybody socializes. Guys want that cameraderie, and if they've found it online - with excellent opportunity for anonymity - more power to 'em.

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