I Love Feldblum!

President Obama's nominee to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Chai Feldblum, says homosexual sex is morally good. I know, politicians probably wince at an endorsement from a boob site, but what Obama has here is, finally, someone with their head on straight. Fox News shitheads and the site I linked to above are both right-wingers trying to use this as evidence that she's a bad nominee. What the fuck, conservative assholes? You want somebody appointed to the "equal...opportunity" anything who is discriminatory? That's the most telling thing about the Right, regardless of your views on homosexuality: their Ministry of Peace is a minister of war. Feldblum also crossed that line into directly saying something directly and unequivocally positive about homosexuality; most quotes are couched with a "homosexuality isn't bad", which hints that it's still hovering at the edge of some 'sorta-bad' grey area. I've yet to fuck a man, nor do I have any interest in doing so, but my gay friends and my human-positive view of the world is much improved to know that somebody nominated for a position of equality and fairness is ready to tell the world that gay sex is morally good. The link at the top is the least shit-loaded link I could find, but if you want a good look at why Feldblum is awesome, go here, don't give the conservative assholes any clicks.

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