Horror Movies Suck!

Rob Weiner, expert on pop culture says the current crop of horror movies suck donkey balls. I'm wondering what he's comparing that to: on the whole, 80s horror sucked donkey balls, 70s horror sucked donkey balls, and everything before that intentionally sucked donkey balls because of the Code. Weiner's great hope: indie filmmakers who put effort into storytelling over gore, which, sadly, is boring to the Joe Halloween-Remake-Was-Awesomes. They want to see more knives shoved through skulls like they were playdough with no internal structure. They want to see more beautiful women killed first because they're the horniest. They want complex, brutal traps in which the ones killed come off as stupid and deserving of their fate, because straight-forward brutality isn't fun to watch (I'm looking at you, The Passion of the Christ). Horror movies don't make much money because it's a pretty small fraction of the viewing audience, but that small fraction doesn't want character development: they want boobs and blood.

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