Fox News Loves Boobs!

Fox News spent a good six minutes playing, replaying, closely studying, dissecting and completely adsorbing a bunch of fifteen-year-olds grinding and shaking their booty - oh, but it was the O'Reilly Factor, if they're saying how bad it is, they can play the so-called "offensive" video over and over. Did you see the nude women I posted today? horrible stuff - tomorrow, and the next day, I will continue my expose on how horrible naked women are by uploading even more shocking images of huge breasts and sultry smiles. I'll even show some shocking - shocking! - footage of the obscene material shown before school, well before the watershed, at a time when children are at their most vulnerable, under the guise of providing them important information about their day, seen on a basic cable TV sta-oh, wait, those Hooter girls are on Fox and Friends? Well, shit, isn't Fox News able hate something without simultaneously rubbing their dick against it? Oh, right: they're the conservatives. Shocking!

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