Bad Sex Excuses!

Fox's "Sex-spert" wants you to know, you shouldn't be making up lame excuses to get out of fucking. Excuses to get out of fucking, what's wrong with you? And, surprisingly, men are likelier to, er, "sexcuse" themselves from intimate contact. Hey, Fox lady, how's this for a "Sexcuse": "my abstinence-only sex ed class has completely terrified of a meaningful sexual experience, but when we're married it'll be fine," or "I try to be a good moral conservative, but constantly supressing my un-Christian-like foot fetish has sexually frustrated me to the point of dysfunction," or "I keep tapping the foot of the guy in the stall next to me, but I keep getting arrested, it's hardly worth it anymore" or...shit, these excuses for not having sex are all over the place if you toss out the "one-woman, one-man, missionary-heavy, after-marriage" assumption - and you better, pervs: the conservative family values of Fox News has no place for your sexual enjoyment. HolyTaco has an answer, too: Sexcuse Bingo!

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