Sex Ed Comics!

More sex ed: artist Martina Fugazzotto has penned a handful of sex-ed comics, that, you know, talk to kids like they're not stupid, and that they understand that they might want to have sex some day. I Heart Condoms can be read here. Very girly, and, really, I think if I were a teen I'd feel the faint haze of an adult trying to sound cool, which is suspicious, but I have yet to read any common sex ed documents which admit, hey, girls think their boyfriends are sexy. It's a nice turn from the, "all men are trying to stick their dick into you - don't let them! Oh, unless you get married to them, in which case ignore all sex ed ever told you, that's easy, right?" All sex ed seems to focus on teens not getting pregnant or diseased during their first five years of puberty, completely ignoring that, after that point, society demands you have great sex for the rest of your life. It's the reverse of selling Geometry as, "well, you don't need it now, but someday you'll own a house and have to calculate how much carpet to buy." If sex ed were proportional to the use a person gets out of it, the "don't have sex when you're young and stupid" will consist of the first day, and the next two months will be about pleasuring your partner or spouse. Problem is, teens are young and stupid, which is the way sex ed talks to them. The answer: people like Fugazzotto providing alternative sex ed information, so kids get the "you're stupid and shouldn't have sex at all" and "you're ignorant and should have sex right when you do it", so they're prepared to not have sex when it's wrong, but oh so prepared when sex is right.

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