Naughty Foot Wash!

Uniontown, Alabama is host this weekend of their annual "footwash" (some history), originally a small religious event, which has developed into a large hedonistic festival requiring intervention by state troopers. A religious event that has gotten more naughty over time? I like the sound of that - festivals that go the other direction are the suck. Even better: the even is big enough to require state troopers, but there's only like twenty pictures on Flickr, it doesn't have its own website, and most discussion is from people who want to go: apparently what happens at Footwash stays at Footwash. Unless, of course, the media wants to talk to you, then you tell about the sex act you saw, how you got robbed, but how you're totally planning on bringing your grandkids to share in the fun. Sounds like a grand 'ol time!

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