Men: Myths!

Ah, Fox's Sexspert, The way you nibble on your glasses, I - wait, what? Oh, right: eight myths about men! Turns out, we're not all lecherous, sex-obsessed, porn-living erotic monsters you thought we were. The problem is: there's a handful of those guys, and they're always the first men you ladies will meet, tainting your view of us. Heh, "taint". Anyhow, I take offense to FoxSexpert's assertion that we're not the lotharios you think we are: fuck, bitch, we've been trying to build that image for thousands of years, and now you smash it like a beer bottle on my head, which men totally do to each other all the time, because we're so tough. Now how else are we going to tell which ones of us are better at sex than the others? Being gross about sex is totally an even playing field for us to work with.

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