Hannity: Masturbation Ignorant!

I know, anyone who goes on these shows should expect to just get yelled at for whatever they say. You: "I like to eat potato chips when-" Hannity: "YOU SOCIALIST BASTARD, YOU DON'T GET IT." Anyhow, Aubrey O'Day is on during a segment of Hannity and His Ego, in which they are complaining about that old problem of teaching masturbation to kids. Here she is, explaining that children, especially boys, like to touch their wiener from a young age. Hannity, however, asserts that he remained pure of loins well into his older years, but in effect admitted to masturbating on national television. Oh, Hannity: I, for one, think if you embraced masturbation at an earlier age, with the strength of the United Nations behind you, you might not be as big of an uptight ass as you are today.

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