Worst Male Products!

Holy fuck: you mean those ads in the back of True and Knight are real? The Art of Manliness takes on the role of Consumer Reports and lists the worst products for men ever created. I assume they did rigorous tests, because why would we still have an ass-insertable prostate vibrator if it didn't work great? However, I am absolutely certain they only reviewed these products based on the ad itself: that squirrel lamp is the awesomest thing in the fucking world. My house is full of those god-damned things, and what the ad doesn't tell you is that Michael's has a whole aisle of doll crap for you to dress your squirrel differently each time you make one. Mine are reenacting the assassination of William McKinley, and it is the best squirrel diorama I have ever seen. And it lights up. So fuck you, Art of Manliness, your yardstick of awesomeness sucks.

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