Who To Fuck At Reunion!

I might have to change that title: I mean school reunion, not family reunion, you sick fuck. After yesterday's Whip it Out Comedy list, I found another one for them, so if I keep digging, I might find that family reunion one eventually. This list: who to fuck at your high school reunion! It's so easy! I'm totally sure your ex girlfriend will have totally forgotten how mean you were, and be ready to fuck you again after all these years, because you're hotter than ever before. The most likely ones: your own spouse (unless she catches you flirting with your exes), and That Girl Who Found You On Facebook. Quick quiz: which one will require you to have a couple hundred bucks in cash on you? I like the "Reunion Organizer" one, if only because she was probably the unattainable, attractive, rich girl who was so totally out of your league, and now you might actually have a chance, Mr. No-More-Braces and Haven't-Touched-A-Clarinet-In-Years. Don't forget: you haven't seen these people in ten years, won't ever have to see them again, so burn some bridges: nothing's better than bridge-burning sex.

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