Scandinavian Men = Best!

I totally win in both categories: Swedish and Norwegian men are the best husbands - and I'm totally both of those, thanks to immigrant grandparents. The root, sadly, isn't the man, but the country: egalitarian cultures are far more tolerant of men cooperating with their partners, while the more dominating and sexist countries think she should go bake some fucking cookies, bitch, the game is almost on! The UK came in third - damn socialized medicine! - with the U.S. as fourth place - damn third-wave feminists! - but in last place, what, Somalia, China? Nope: Australia. No wonder: Hitler came from there. Anyhow, my guess is that the poll picked apples-to-apples, Western modernized cultures, which means the curve isn't that big. Now, I'm off to do the laundry, BRB.

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