Oh Jesus Christ.

Pornographers are getting lazy: they to sexy remakes of everything from the Brady Bunch to X-Files, and now they're parodying things that are, essentially, a parody in themselves. Lethal Hardcore Video is producing the artistically titled "Fuck my mom and me", in which a David Letterman-like goofball gets to fuck a Sara Palin-like politico and her Slutty Palin-like daughter. Once upon a time, nobody gave a shit who the characters were trying to be - and there was a certain appreciation for subtle, unspoken connections. Now, it's "hey, remember that thing! Here's what it would look like if they were fucking!" Watch for this later this fall: "We Fuck Reporter Prisoners!" featuring a Bill Clinton -alike, a KimJong Il -alike, two nondescript asian women with huge fucking tits and a taste for anal, and a guest appearance from a Al Gore -alike. Shit - I shoulda kept that a secret; it's actually an awesome premise for some crappy porn.

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