More Duh!

I'll just let the study results speak for themselves: Men are far more interested in casual sex than women. While men need to be exceptionally attractive to tempt women to consider casual sex, men are far less choosy. HOLY FUCKING SHIT MY GOD I AM TOTALLY CHANGING MY WORLDVIEW AND GONNA GET MYSELF A COOL PAIR OF KICKS AND QUIT MY JOB AND MAKE NECKLACES AT FLEA MARKETS CUZ I'VE BEEN SO WRONG ALL THESE YEARS. No, wait, it gets better: Americans and Italians are far sluttier than Germans. HOLY SHIT JESUS HERE I COME THE EPIPHANY IS HERE AND THE EARTH IS DONE WITH ME. Okay, okay, let me catch my breath - *phoo* - and people get paid to do this sort of science? On one hand, anecdotal evidence doesn't go over well in other research, so they have to cite factual studies somehow. On the other hand, studies that say things like, "As proven in Anderson-Whorrel (133), humans need to eat food every few hours while awake..." makes you get beat up by the less nerdy researchers and they steal your WoW stuff.

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