Kiera's Boobs Are Fake!

Kiera Knightley's boobs have garnered attention yet again. Usually somewhat petite and demure, she could (and I believe in Pirates of the Carribean, did) pass for a boy when dressed right. So take a look at these big babies below - "Photoshop!" are the cries of those who pay attention to Knightley's breasts, because they looked at the pixels and have seen a few 'shops in their time. "I've long dreamed of holding those fair bosoms in my hands, and the photo is nothing like my imagination produces!" Certainly, Knightley's breasts do look much bigger than usual, but I haven't seen them naked before, either. The ad doesn't make them all that big, either; under baggy clothes and without a push-up bra, they'd be unnoticeable, too. Here, let me just review that image again, I'll just stare at it a little longer, pondering important things...

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