Kids: Using Internet Wrong!

OK, yeah, I'll agree that kids shouldn't be using the internet for porn, but it's a definite step up from squiring gonorrhea on each other because they don't have any other outlet. Er, anyhow, kids these days don't care about any of that: children are spending more time watching YouTube than they are searching for sex or porn. On one hand, if the kids even remotely know that somebody's monitoring their internet habits, they're gonna be looking for porn at their friend's houses. On the other hand: you can lose fuckin' weeks watching videos of cats wearing clothes set to music, or re-dubbed 80s cartoons full of swear words and homophobia, or people who thing they're the best ever but are completely not, or pirated movies broken up into 10-minute chunks...and then your friends call you because they haven't heard from you since Friday and are worried you didn't make it home safe from the bar. I do love this tidbit: "...a startling amount of children are illiterate or just plain lazy, with 'utube' in at number 78 on the list". Ah, remember when the kid with the computer was the smart kid in class? In a hundred and fifty years, "you" will be seen as a quaint and archaic member of the english language.

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