Ex-Gay: Not Heterosexual!

Sorry, all you ex-gayers out there: PFOX, your advocacy group, has successfully argued to the D.C. Supreme Court (otherwise known as "Not The Nation's Supreme Court, but Down The Street") that formerly-gay people aren't heterosexual enough to be considered heterosexual, so they deserve their own sexual minority category. Oh, no, you're not GLBT, not by a long shot: you're just not normal by conservative heterosexual standards, not normal enough to be considered an average, everyday 'majority' American under current minority protection laws. No, all your work to stop the gay isn't enough to stop you from being a sexual minority - you're still one, just one more acceptable to the Right Wing. Oh, wait, what? The DCSC docket says PFOX lost? Apparently PFOX is excellent at talking themselves into believing untrue things, and if they yell those untrue things loud enough, enough sympathizers will defend their imagined "truth" for them. So, at least according to the DC Supreme Court, you're normal, ex-fags, so go back to looking at all these naked women, above and below this post, your stomach churning every so slightly and Jesus forcing that limp erection out.

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